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Keene Rain Garden

The Keene Rain Garden Project is located in downtown Keene, New Hampshire and will help protect and restore the water quality of the Ashuelot River Watershed. A rain garden is a bowl shaped garden designed to capture and absorb rainfall and snowmelt, collectively called stormwater, which would typically run off of impervious surfaces and lead to local surface waters. Storm water often carries pollutants including sediment, an excess of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, bacteria from animal waste, and oil, grease, and heavy metals from cars. As a result of these pollutants, storm water repeatedly has a negative effect on our water quality and riparian wildlife habitats. The installation of rain gardens is a conservation strategy that will assist in maintaining the high quality natural features of the watershed and reduce the identified stresses associated with inadequate stormwater management.

This project is supported by funds from the sale of the Conservation License Plate (Moose Plate) through the NH State Conservation Committee grant program. Partners who have been instrumental in this project's success include Antioch University New England the The City of Keene, New Hampshire


Current Rain Gardens Installed

  • Antioch University New England
  • Keene Police Department
  • Keene Department of Public Works
  • Keene Recreation Center
  • Keene Water Treatment Facility
  • Symonds School
  • Wheelock School




Rain Garden Manual

Vermont Rain Garden Manual, best resource for the northeast, including NH.


Recent News

Gleaning Program now available in the Monadnock Region!  -- Please contact for more info and to get involved