Looking for an internship that will give you practical, hands-on experience in conservation, agriculture, or food systems? Look no further! The Cheshire County Conservation District offers internships related to:

  • Resource conservation and planning
  • Education—working with schools, businesses, non-profits, & local community members
  • Advocating for local farmers and the local food system
  • GIS mapping
  • And more!



Internships offered through the CCCD are unpaid unless noted, but credit may be offered through your educational institution. 

Qualified applicants for all CCCD and MFCC internships should have: a high school diploma or equivalent level of education; the ability to work well both individually and with a team; very good time-management and organization skills as you will not be working in an office; effective oral and written communication skills.
Contact the MFCC Program Coordinator at emerald @ with your resume and cover letter or for more information. 
Deadlines: Fall Internships - Aug 15thSummer Internships - April21stSpring Internships - Dec 15thOther - contact us.
Current Internship Opportunities
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MFCC Outreach & Development Coordinator

Agricultural Commission & Policy Advocate

Farmers Market Education & Low Income Outreach

Farm Relationship & Inventory Coordinator

Monadnock Matchmaker Coordinator 

Rain Garden Coordinator

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Internships


MFCC Outreach & Development Coordinator

The Monadnock Farm and Community Connection has evolved from an individual-volunteer driven program of the CCCD into a regional coalition over the last year. In order to fund staff to sustain a vibrant coalition with along with successful events and programs that build a resilient local food system, outreach and fundraising are essential. 

  • Work with the MFCC Coordinator to create, organize, publicize and implement fundraising events that also raise public awareness of the values of local food.
  • Table at local events to share MFCC's work and engage citizens.
  • Design and distribute outreach materials with consistent and engaging branding.
  • Maintain and expand donor database for future use.
  • Use social media to help spread our message and engage Monadnock Region citizens with the miriad of events, workshops and news items surrounding local food.
  • Write blog posts, press releases and make short videos about the importance of strengthening our local food system.

The intern must meet regularly with staff and volunteers located in Walpole & Keene, NH.

Qualified applicants should have: project management skills and experience; a passion for local farming and local food system work; experience with marketing, social media, event planning or fundraising; excellent written and verbal skills.

Position Dates: Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013 


Agricultural Commission & Policy Advocate

Over the last two years, MFCC has helped six towns form Agricultural Commissions, which are non-regulartory town boards that advise on town issues related to agriculture, amplifying the farmers' voices in their communities. We would like to better support existing Commissions and reach out to Cheshire County towns lacking this agricultural representation in order to create more. 

  • Work with current Agricultural Commissions to address their progress, needs and offer support.
  • Bring current Ag Commissions together to network and learn from one another.
  • Organize a forum for towns without Ag Commissions to attend in favor of their creation.
  • Present for towns interested in starting Ag Commissions, and provide assistance as necessary.
  • Advocate for regional policies in favor of agriculture and healthy local food systems if necessary.

The intern must meet with staff located in Walpole & Keene, NH, as well as be able to travel to outlying Cheshire County towns (mileage reimbursed).

Qualified applicants should have: project management skills and experience; a passion for and knowledge of local farming and town or agricultural policy; excellent written and verbal skills.

Position Dates: Spring / Summer 2013

Farmers Market Education & Low Income Outreach

This internship addresses some of the major barriers to low income consumers accessing farm-fresh food at our local farmers market: knowledge that they can use EBT (food stamp) cards at Keene Farmers Market and knowledge of how to select, cook and store the items available there. While this program is focused specifically on outreach & education to low income shoppers at the Farmers Market of Keene, all community members could benefit from educational events at the market. Internship activities will include:

  • Hear from the farmers at The Farmers Market of Keene and help meet their needs to expand their market to underrepresented populations.
  • Plan, advertise and execute a schedule of educational events for the community on market days.
  • Create and distribute educational materials at market.
  • Work with area service organizations to reach out to low income families and promote the market (and the EBT-match program if we receive funds).
  • Recruit and manage volunteers to assist with events, fundraisers (and management of an EBT match system if funds are received).
  • Manage EBT redemption system & tracking at the end of each market day.

The intern must meet regularly with staff and volunteers located in Walpole & Keene, NH.

Qualified applicants should have: project management skills and experience; a passion for local farming; experience with marketing, social networking, education, event planning; excellent written and verbal skills.

Position Dates: Spring , Summer  and Fall 2013


Farm Relationship & Inventory Coordinator 

The Farm Relationship & Inventory Coordinator is responsible for maintaining, updating, and improving upon the CCCD’s Master Farm List—the most comprehensive inventory of farms in Cheshire County. 

  • Interview farmers via phone or in person to record history, data, crops grown, future plans, needs and to understand how MFCC can be a better resource for them.
  • Record physical visits through photographs and video as documentation and potential marketing materials.

  • Create and maintain a network of working relationships with town representatives that will ensure the success of continued inventory work into the future

  • Perform outreach at town events to increase community knowledge of how the inventory can benefit Cheshire County and to encourage additional farms to join our list

  • Write articles, blog posts & create marketing materials profiling visited farmers in order to share the stories of those who produce food in the Monadnock Region with those who eat here.

This internship can only be completed in Cheshire County, and the Farm Inventory Coordinator should expect to meet regularly with the MFCC Program Coordinator in Keene, NH.

Qualified applicants should have: project management skills and experience; a passion for local farming, land-use planning or journalism; reliable transportation; the ability work outdoors in all types of weather.

Position Dates: Spring / Summer 2013

Monadnock Matchmaker Coordinator 

Work with the MFCC Coordinator and Partner Organizations to plan, organize, implement and evaluate the 4th annual Monadnock Matchmaker event. This event brings together local food buyers, sellers, and distributors to discuss the details of creating a future partnership, increasing the outlets where local food is sold. Many plans, evaluations on prior events and press materials already exist, so implementation, organization, improvement and evaluation are needed. This is an excellent event that adds strength to our local food system and brings important business entities together. 

  • Coordinate all arrangements necessary to make this event a success
  • Perform outreach to encourage the participation of local buyers and sellers in the event
  • Design and plan for the structure and format of the event including networking time, educational panel, etc.
  • Seek out and secure funding that will help cover the cost of the event
  • Develop materials needed for marketing, instruction and relevant resources
  • Evaluate the success of the event and make suggestions for future improvements

Qualified Applicants should have: experience with event planning, marketing and project management; a passion for supporting local food and farming in the Monadnock region

Position Start Date: Summer, culminating at event in Mid October.  Stipend: $200 

Rain Garden Coordinator

The Rain Garden Coordinator is responsible for working with staff and community partners of the Cheshire County Conservation district to implement the Keene Rain Garden Project. To learn more about the project, visit our Keene Rain Garden Project page. The Rain Garden Coordinator will:

  • Coordinate all maintenance needs for established rain gardens
  • Implement rain garden curriculum in the classroom with local teachers
  • Collaborate with school administration to increase the number of area schools with rain gardens
  • Design and plan rain gardens for schools in collaboration with a consultant
  • Facilitate classroom and on site rain garden activities for children K-12 to educate about water quality, native plants, wildlife, etc.
  • Develop communication and marketing materials to distribute to schools

The selected intern will work closely with Amanda Costello, District Manager of the CCCD and Libby McCann, Environmental Education Director of Antioch University New England and Advisor to the Keene Rain Garden Project. Hours are flexible and we are willing to work with your schedule. Regular meetings are required to ensure that work is continuing to move forward.

Qualified applicants should have: a strong interest and experience in natural resource conservation and environmental education; transportation to attend meetings.

Position Dates: Spring or Fall

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Internships
NRCS offers internships in soil and water conservation periodically through the Student Conservation Association. These opportunities can only be found on the SCA website.


Student Opportunities with NRCS: Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) 
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) seeks to recruit and retain qualified students, and provide them with the training and experience necessary to assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

The STEP provides maximum flexibility to both students and managers, because the nature of the work assignments does not have to be related to the student’s academic or career goals. A student is appointed to a position not to exceed one year. Students may be non-competitively converted to the Student Career Experience Program whenever they meet the qualification requirements and a position is available. U.S. citizenship is a requirement for student participation in the STEP. For additional information:


Don’t see the type of work that you’re interested in? We are always open to new ideas. Contact us if you have a project you would like to propose.