Conservation Plant and Seed Sales

Each year the Cheshire County Conservation District sells conservation plants and seeds to raise funds that support our services and programming. Each year we take orders for mushrooms and plants including fruit trees, native shrubs and trees, bulbs, and hardy perennials.

To be notified of our next conservation product sale, please contact us and provide us with your name and mailing address. An order form will be e-mailed to you prior to the next product sale.

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FEDCO Plant and Tree Sale

We work with Fedco to offer you a high quality selection of Maine

grown plants. A percentage of proceeds from the plant and tree sale are donated to CCCD's conservation programs!


 Check back in December 2022 for next year's sale!

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Wichland Woods Mushroom Sale

​Wichland Woods is a unique, local myco-business located in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. Wichland Woods encourages people to expand their gardening realm into a mycological-friendly landscape. They educate the public on the techniques of “backyard mushrooming” and how everyday resources  can be used to cultivate their own mycelia network.

Wichland Woods creates over a dozen local strains of mushrooms, which are carefully expanded using sterile techniques. By working with other northeast mycologists, they are promoting the health benefits that mushrooms have in our world. A percentage of proceeds from the mushroom sale are generously donated to CCCD's conservation programs! Learn more about Wichland Woods, here!

Check back in February 2023 for next year's sale!

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Seed Sale: Now Accepting Fall Orders!
Orders due August 10th!

We offer a bulk seed order in the summer for fall plantings and winter for spring plantings.  The Spring Seed Sale, a partnership between the CCCD and King’s AgriSeed, enables orders less than 1500 lbs. to avoid shipping costs - a benefit the CCCD is proud to offer in support of local farms! We will be taking orders for Kings Agri-seeds in the Spring and Fall. 

If you have any questions, need assistance in placing your order, or would prefer to place your order over the phone or email please call 603-756-2988 x3011 or email

View Fall King's AgriSeed prices, here!

Submit your order, here!

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order total and payment instructions! Pick up information will be shared as soon as possible!

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