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Monadnock Farm Share Program

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce farms in the Monadnock Region have come together, in partnership with the Cheshire County Conservation District, to ensure that farm-fresh CSA vegetable shares are affordable for all interested community members.


The Monadnock Farm Share Program, initiated in 2019, is a program that provides limited-income Monadnock Region residents with the opportunity to support their local CSA farmer and receive reliable high-quality produce on a regular basis all season long. CSA Share prices are discounted through an innovative cost-share model. 


Participating families and individuals receive a CSA vegetable share for half the price!

Farm Share_2022.png

All the veggies, half the cost!

Participating farmers raise funds to cover 15%...


Cheshire Medical Center for Population Health through its Healthy Monadnock Initiative provides 25%...


You, the customer, are only responsible for 50% of the cost of your CSA vegetable share!

What is a CSA?

Farmers face many costs in the operation of their farms. Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSA's are designed to alleviate the financial burdens of farmers before the season begins. CSA customers provide an upfront cost to reserve a share of the season's harvest.


The cost of the CSA can be viewed as a deposit for the season! This upfront cost allows farmers to purchase needed seeds, materials, or equipment for the upcoming season, while customers are able to reap this investment by taking home delicious produce once the farm season begins!

Many farms offer half share or full share CSA options. These options vary from farm to farm, but half shares are smaller to feed smaller households, while full shares are designed to feed larger household or households that eat a lot of vegetables.

Some farms offer on-farm pick up days, while others offer delivery! Some farms pre-package their CSA shares for a quick pick up, while others allow customers to pick your own (PYO!). Pick up days provide a unique experience to see where your food is grown, and interact with other community members! While delivery offers a convenient way to bring produce to your household!

Through purchasing a CSA, you are supporting local agriculture, while also eating delicious, nutritious, and locally grown produce!

Program Eligibility

This program is made available for households who without the program, would be unable to participate in a local Community Supported Agriculture program.  

This program is available to Monadnock Region residents who live at or below 250% of the federal poverty income limit (below) or have other reasons for needing assistance in participating in a farm share program. CCCD acknowledges that not all community members who require assistance in participating are represented in the guidelines below.

1-Person Household: $36,450 (Annually)
2-Person Household: $49,300 (Annually)
3-Person Household: $62,150 (Annually)
4-Person Household: $75,000 (Annually)
5-Person Household: $87,850 (Annually)
6-Person Household: $100,700 (Annually)
7-Person Household: $113,550 (Annually)
8-Person Household: $126,400 (Annually)

To see full chart, visit:

(Add $4,540 for each additional person over 8 years of age under 100% FPL, see chart for more information)

Applications for 2024 are Now Closed


Applications will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Please note that funding is limited.

For questions or assistance in submitting your application contact: or  (603)756-2988 ext.3011

Choose from these 2024 Participating Farms:

(Click the "2024 Participating Farm List" link  for more detailed information about each farms' CSA offerings)


Abenaki Springs Farm - Walpole, NHAbenaki Springs Farm grows five acres of certified organic fruits and vegetables that they sell through a CSA, farmers markets, road side farm stand, local restaurants, a local food hub, and health food stores. It is their goal to regenerate the land for future generations while providing optimal nutrient rich food. 


Dog Days Farm - Fitzwilliam, NH: Dog Days Farm grows vegetables, fruits, and herbs for its CSA using organic principles and following integrated pest management guidelines. It is always fresh, clean, and ready for your dinner table! Dog Days Farm also offers home delivery options.

foggy hill farm logo.jpg

Foggy Hill Farm - Jaffrey, NH: Foggy Hill Farm is a family-run organic farm located in Jaffrey, NH. With over 20 years of farming experience, Andy and Christine have a deep-rooted passion for raising high-quality, nutrient-dense foods in a manner which helps unite our community.


Hillside Springs Farm- Westmoreland, NH: Hillside Springs Farm is a small horse-powered CSA farm in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, growing 3 acres and over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, using only sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming methods. Hillside Springs Farm is unique in the area for its extended 24-week harvest season, freshly pressed apple cider, and draft horse work.

hungry bear farm.jpg

Hungry Bear Farm - Mason, NH: Hungry Bear Farm grows a variety of high quality produce without the use of synthetic chemicals ad GMO seeds. They use a combination of low/no tillage, cover cropping, manuring, composting and crop rotation to ensure soil fertility and plant health. Most of the produce is grown on 12 acres in Mason, NH in 3 high tunnels and over 2 dozen plots.

Stonewall Farm - Keene, NH: Stonewall Farm is a nonprofit working certified-organic farm and educational center whose mission is to demonstrate regenerative farming while educating and engaging people to support food security, ecological resilience, healthy communities and planet.

Thank you to our funder!

This program is made possible through support from The Center for Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center to increase community member's access to healthy foods and advance the priority areas of the Healthy Monadnock Alliance.

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