Farm Equipment Rentals

The Cheshire County Conservation District provides low-cost farm equipment rentals each year in and around Cheshire County. 

Find a Local Farm

When you purchase directly from the farm, you’re buying foods that are exceptionally fresh, nutritious, flavorful, economical and sustainable.

Historical Aerial Photography

Historical aerial photographs are available for public viewing at the Conservation District office.

Plant, Seed & Mushroom Sales

Each year we sell conservation plants and seeds to raise funds that support our services and programming.

Farmer Business Planning Course

Soil Potential Index & Surveys

In 2021, CCCD hosted a farmer business planning course in collaboration with The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship and NCAT Northeast. Materials and resources are available for free and public use.

The Conservation District uses USDA Natural Conservation Resources Service soil mapping data to compute SPI for each field, parcel or tract of land.

The Cheshire County Conservation District offers a variety of services for all residents of Cheshire County. View the service pages to to learn more about what we offer in the way of:


Contact us and tell us about what unmet conservation needs you have. We are always looking for more ways to serve Cheshire County residents and we're happy to point you in the right direction of another organization that already provides the service you need.