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Our Vision and Values

The Cheshire County Conservation District (CCCD) represents the conservation interests and priorities of the county, for the county. As such, the conservation district is fully vested in the preservation and enhancement of agriculture and its role in our community.


To promote the conservation and responsible use of our natural and agricultural resources for the people of Cheshire County by providing technical, financial, and educational assistance.


Encouraging stewardship for healthy soils, productive ecologically sound farms, diverse wildlife, productive sustainable forests, healthy watersheds and clean water to ensure those resources are available for future generations.


The following values will guide the daily activities and development of the CCCD:

  • Offer leadership for landowners, land managers, and farmers.

  • Collaborate efficiently and effectively with communities, agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals as well as participate in state, regional, and national Conservation District activities.

  • Provide high quality service to promote strong stewardship practices.

  • Use the best science and technology available to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Develop a diverse, innovative, and well-trained team to achieve our goals.

  • Show respect for the dignity of the individual and celebrate continual improvement, personal renewal, and professional achievement. 

We value our role in providing public outreach and education to the community, focusing on environmental concerns in a manner that encourages appreciation and stewardship of natural assets for the benefit of future generations.

CCCD programming is divided into four categories:  Soil, Water, Wildlife, & Farm Viability

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