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CCCD Drills & Rental Equipment

Have a need to reseed a field or pasture but don’t want to plow it?

The Cheshire County Conservation District can help! The district has two no-till seeders (drills), a 7’-7” Haybuster and a 12’ Esch. Both drills have multiple seed boxes and can handle legume, grass and grain seeds. The Haybuster is better suited to smaller fields and pastures and requires a 40 horsepower or larger tractor with hydraulic remotes. The Esch drill is better suited to larger acreage and requires a 110 horsepower or larger tractor with two sets of hydraulic remotes.

Uses for the drills includes:

  • Spring seeding of grasses, clovers and alfalfa into rundown or winter killed fields and pastures.

  • Spring seeding of small grains.

  • Early summer seeding of summer annuals.

  • Late summer seeding of grasses, clovers and alfalfa.

  • Establishment of cover crops in the late summer or fall.

To insure the highest probability of success several steps are recommended:

  1. Take a soil sample. UNH Cooperative Extension can provide the needed materials.

  2. Apply the recommended amendments before seeding.

  3. Familiarize yourself with proper setup and operation of the drill.

  4. Seed at proper depth

  5. Happy seeding!!

For more information on the CCCD's full suite of farm rental equipment, including equipment available to small scale and large scale farmers alike, visit

Written by: Tom Beaudry

CCCD Associate Board Member



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