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Granite State Market Match: Support Local Farmers, Strengthen Food Access!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The Granite State Market Match is a program designed to double SNAP benefits for recipients that spend a portion of their food assistance dollars on fresh, local produce.

This program is available to SNAP recipients throughout the state of New Hampshire, with eight locations in Cheshire County. At participating locations, shoppers designate the amount they’d like to spend and earn a dollar-for-dollar match on fruits and vegetables. Along with fresh produce, the Granite State Market Match also promotes the purchase of seeds, seedlings, and herbs at a discounted rate.

Winchester Farmer's Market

While expanding access to community members , the Granite State Market Match also supports local farmers and incentivizes purchasing locally. Through engagement in the program, farmers receive promotion via the Cheshire County Conservation District’s social media and website, as well as the Monadnock Shopper News and more. There are no extra requirements for utilizing this program – if you qualify for SNAP benefits, you qualify for the Granite State Market Match. At farmers markets, farm stands, and CSA programs, benefits can be maximized to ensure consumers are getting the “biggest bang for their buck.”

The following are current participating locations in Cheshire County:

Pete’s Stand - Walpole, NH

Hillside Springs Farm - Westmoreland, NH Picadilly Farm - Winchester, NH

Green Wagon Farm - Keene, NH Team Jaffrey’s Farmers Market - Jaffrey, NH

Hinsdale Farmers Market - Hinsdale, NH

Keene Farmers Market - Keene, NH

Winchester Farmers Market - Winchester, NH

Teresa Janiszyn, of Pete’s Stand, explained that the Granite State Market Match is a “great way to stretch consumer’s money!” She encouraged eligible consumers to utilize the program for fresh fruits and vegetables, and also noted it was a great opportunity to stock up on produce for canning and preserving.

Pete’s Stand Produce

Frank Hunter, of Hillside Springs Farm, also spoke about their engagement with the program, stating it is “underutilized but very important!” He expressed gratitude for the Granite State Market Match and the Keene Farmers Market for promoting their farm and harvests.

Hillside Springs Farm Produce

While we are thankful for the farmers that are already involved in the program, there is always room for more participants! We encourage local farmers to take advantage of this exciting program, which expands food access and can help promote your business! Participating farms will be promoted through food access advocacy, social media outreach and community involvement!

Interested farmers can contact, or call 603-756-2988x4, to get involved with the Granite State Market Match program.

The Cheshire County Conservation District is pleased to have so many local farmers participating in this program, as well as the Monadnock Food Coop. For more information regarding the program, visit

We thank all participating locations and farmers for their continued efforts and support of the Granite State Market Match, and always encourage new farmers and eligible consumers to get involved!



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