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Meet Ellinore: CCCD Welcomes a New Team Member!

I’ve always loved being outside. I grew up on an old farm in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, filling my days by exploring the woods, fields and pond on our property. Fueled by childhood curiosity, my older brother and I spent countless hours catching frogs and salamanders, watching wild animals through binoculars and walking with our parents and our dog through the woods. 

Ellinore Smiles on a Hike with Her Dog, Image Credit: Ellinore Todd Long

I was introduced to small-scale farming and gardening through my parents. My dad turned a piece of the lawn into a garden, growing vegetables and fruits, and employing my brother and I as “rock pickers” (25 cents per 5 gallon bucket picked)! We had a constant rotation of animals, our own and other farmers using our unoccupied grazing land - chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep, goats and cows have all taken residence at some point.  

Reme and Mac out on pasture, Image Credit: Ellinore Todd Long

When I was 11, after taking horseback riding lessons for around 5 years, Santa Claus worked his magic and I ended up with a pony, Reme, in the barn on Christmas morning. Her arrival was soon followed by Mac, our second horse, and I was thrown head first into the responsibility (and fun!) of owning horses. It was on that farm in Chesterfield that my connection and love for animals and for the natural world developed.

Since my childhood on the farm, I attended Northfield Mount Hermon for high school and then made my way to Trinity College, where I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 2021. After spending four years in Hartford, Connecticut, I was drawn back to Cheshire County and the landscapes that fostered my love of animals and the outdoors. 

In addition to my work at CCCD, I also have continued my work with horses. I train horses and coach riders of all ages in hopes of fostering their love for horses and the sport. My own horses, Mac and Reme, are still, fourteen years later, living out their days on the farm and enjoying retired life. In my free time, you can find me with my animals or outside with my camera, trying to capture the natural beauty of the world and of the animals around me.

Ellinore on Horseback, Image Credit: Ellinore Todd Long

After spending much of my life in the outdoors, working with animals and admiring the environment around me, it feels natural to fall into a workplace whose values and mission align with my own and the way I was raised. I have been at CCCD for about two months now and I am incredibly excited to continue working with Amanda, Benée, our board, and everyone else who makes CCCD, and this county, what it is!



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