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Monadnock Grows Together: Gardens in the Fall

Hello Garden Friends!

It’s fall in New Hampshire, and the garden season is certainly transitioning… but that doesn’t mean we have to be done! I wanted to share some thoughts with you about tasks you might consider in the month of October.

  • If you’re considering season extension, October is sort of the “last chance” to get your materials ready to go.

  • This is garden-cleaning time! Clear out anything you don’t intend to over-winter.

  • Harvest pumpkins and winter squash before a hard frost.

  • If you’re planting garlic this year, finish up this month.

  • If you’re not using a cover crop this year, mulch your garden. Chopped straw works great!

  • Plan to bring inside any herbs or tender perennials you’d like to over-winter.

There are also vegetables that are relatively easy to keep going in your garden, if you’re interested in season extension. With a simple hoop and row cover set-up, you can easily keep kale, hearty spinach, cabbage, collards, and more going almost all winter long! Read more about winter-friendly veggies here.

If you’re curious about storing your vegetables after harvest, Mother Earth News has a ton of great tips. There are quite a few veggies that will last all winter long if properly stored, so you can keep eating out of your garden until spring!

As always, the most important thing is to keep having FUN! Do reach out with any questions… or tips and suggestions for how you keep your inner gardener happy during the winter!

Happy Growing!

Written by: Rachel Brice

Urban Ag & Gardens Coordinator



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