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No-Till Vegetable Production

In the Fall of 2017, with the help of CCCD intern Cain Landry, we conducted a series of interviews with farmers in the Northeast who are actively practicing no-till farming. These interviews were then turned into case studies to highlight the work of the farmers and show the public how farmers in the area are approaching no-till farming in unique ways. We wanted to show the amazing benefits of no-till farming from increased crop production and quality, to improved soil and environmental health, to fuel and time savings. We also wanted to highlight the challenges these farmers have faced in relation to no-till production and document the learning curve of transitioning frequently tilled fields into permanent beds.

The featured farmers of these case studies are:

  • Julie Rawson of Many Hands Organic Farm in Barre, MA, an experienced farmer and executive of NOFA who farms from a unique perspective of soil ecology and is always experimenting and developing her methods

  • Dan Pratt of Astarte Farm in Hadley, MA, where pollinator/predator habitats are emphasized and no-till methods make use occultation strips and biochar

  • Adrien Lavoie of Lavoie Farm in Hollis, NH who has converted nearly 100 acres of his farm to no-till using zone-tillage techniques

  • Ricky Baruc of Seeds of Solidarity in Orange, MA, a long-time progressive farmer and master of the cardboard method, which has led to extremely rich soil crawling with dense worm populations

  • Jen Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm in Tyringham, MA who has honed season extension skills and utilizes mindful ecological practices.

The case studies are written for all to enjoy and learn. They provide stories, tips, and diverse approaches to no-till farming. Whether you are a curious citizen or a farmer interested in transitioning to no-till farming, these case studies give a dynamic perspective on what it’s like to no-till farm in the Northeast.

Visit our No-Till Farming page on our website for more information and to read our case studies!



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