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Radically Rural Returns to Keene

Radically Rural is a conference focused on small communities, what rural means and how to keep the small-town feel. This year’s conference, to be held in Keene, NH, is open to everyone interested in this topic, and others, and is being held both in person and virtually September 22 & 23. For more information visit

Radically Rural features tracks in community journalism, arts and culture, lands and community, main streets and downtowns, clean energy, health care and entrepreneurship.

Cheshire County Conservation District Manager Amanda Littleton is the track leader for the land and community track and has lined up some excellent session speakers. She says, “ This year each session in the Land and Community Track focuses on opportunities to strengthen the fabric of our communities by prioritizing natural resources conservation and connections to the land through innovative cross-sector partnerships and including the voices of a diversity of stakeholders.”

This year’s Radically Rural’s Land and Community Track will feature three sessions. The first will focus on “Rural as Refuge”; how has the Co-Vid pandemic promoted urban migration into rural areas and what does that mean to both. The second, “Exploring Nature, Renewing Communities” investigates how nature is interwoven with our lives, our health and our wellbeing. The final session, “Native Tribes Lead on Environmental Leadership” discusses how native communities across America are taking on the most challenging environmental issues of our time, especially climate change.

Registrations starts at 8am September 22 at 8am followed by the keynote speaker, all the tracks and an evening event, “CONNECT” featuring networking, local food, drinks and music. September 23rd starts at 10am. Again, for more information about registering and other tracks.

We hope you’ll consider participating. It is an excellent conference and a chance to highlight our vibrant and engaging community here in Keene.

Written by: Amy Bodwell

CCCD Board of Supervisors, Vice-Chair



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