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The CCC what?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Have you heard of the Cheshire County Conservation District?

Maybe you’ve seen our logo, attended an event, or utilized one of our programs? Or even yet, maybe you’ve heard of us, but are unsure of who we are or what we do?

Well, today is the day to put all of these uncertainties to rest. Today is the day we step further out into the community and engage the public in a new and exciting way. Today is the day we launch our new Conservation Blog Series, and you have a front row seat.


At the Cheshire County Conservation District, or CCCD, we work to promote the conservation and responsible use of our natural and agricultural resources for the people of Cheshire County by providing technical, financial, and educational assistance. We divide our work into four program areas: Soil, Water, Wildlife, and Farm Viability.

But what does that mean? If you’re a local farmer, that means you have access to affordable farm rental equipment including a no-till seeder, roller crimper, subsoiler, wood ash/lime spreader, aerator, and penetrometer through one of our coveted Soil programs. If you’re a land owner that means you may have borrowed one of our skidder bridges during your timber harvest to protect a stream crossing. Or as a community member you’ve helped clean up the Ashuelot River each year during the Source to Sea River Clean-Up. Maybe you’ve purchased plants through our Conservation Plant Sale or visited one of our Pollinator Habitat installations across the county. If so, you’ve witnessed our Wildlife programming at work. Perhaps you’ve even shopped at the Keene Farmers Market and doubled your SNAP dollars using the Granite State Market Match program or have dined in a local restaurant that has sourced its produce from local farms through the Monadnock Menus program. The CCCD helped make that happen. The CCCD has been operating in Cheshire County, right under your nose, for over 70 years! And with the support of community members, farmers, local landowners, and community partners we hope to continue our work for another 70 years, and then some! This is merely a taste of what the CCCD does in Cheshire County. To discover more about CCCD programing, please visit our new and improved website! Written by: Lola Bobrowski - CCCD Outreach Coordinator



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