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Wendy Ward

District Conservationist

I am a 3rd generation New Hamshireite (is that what we call ourselves?) Native to Keene.

My work with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service in Walpole is to help landowners conserve the natural resources on their land - mainly water quality and soil erosion in the woodlands, wildlife habitat enhancement and restoration and invasive plant control.

I have two grown daughters and a significant other who are my biggest fans and most tolerant of my obsessions with all things plant like and tiny. In my spare time when I am not cleaning my house, I love to garden -both veggies and flowers and read. If I actually get away from my own place, I like to hike and look for birds, insects and wildlife in general. My passion is native plants and insects and I love to find new places with unique plants I have never seen before.

Wendy Ward
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